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Apple iPhone 6 64GB Silver
Long, wide, ultra-thin: The dimensions of the iPhone 6 The iPhone 6 Apple has for the first time a 4.7-inch model. The height is 13.8 cm and grown to a width of more than 1 cm to 6.7 cm. Simultaneously, the iPhone 6 is even thinner: Mitnur 6.7mm and a weight of only 129 grams, it is lighter and thinner than the iPhone 5c. Practical: Press twice on the home button on the iPhone to the integrated one-handed mode. The display is scrolled down so that they are accessible to the Thumb. This makes the iPhone 6 is so good there with one hand, how to use the iPhone 5s in silver, gold and Space Grey, the iPhone. 6 In the variants of silver and gold, the front, the iPhone 6 Space Grey know is it's black. Available memory size: 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.

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