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Beautifully designed interior and exterior, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge exceeds your expectations. The sleek dual-edge design makes for a great fit and feel, whether. In your hands or in your pocket The first Samsung smartphone with dual pixel technology shoots like a pro. The 12 MP rear camera has a faster autofocus and a new low-light sensor which every detail, even in soft light, begins. Now you capture every moment as you actually see him. Plus, capture wide-angle front-frontal camera a beautiful selfie on the 5 MP. There are two things you can not live without water and your smartphone. Fortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has a IP68 rating. This means it repels spills, splashes and even dunks, so you can pick it up easily, immediately wipe off and keep going.

    Mobile phone type: Unlocked
    Condition: New
    Operating System: Android
    Network: GSM
    Product Features: Bluetooth, caller ID, headset compatible
    Input Method: Touch Screen

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