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Original moroccan encaustic cement tiles
The art of zellige was created in Andalusia (Spain) in the tenth century

Traditional Moroccan cement tiles, also known as encaustic tiles, are created using cement, marble powder, and natural pigments in an artisan manufacturing process that hasn't changed since the tenth century. Since they are made of cement and not ceramic, the tiles do not need to be fired. Instead, they are formed with a hydraulic press and mould and then air-dried, a process which clearly uses much less energy than traditional firing. Cement tiles are extremely durable, easy to clean, non-flammable, non-polluting, recyclable, and naturally insulating, helping to keep surfaces cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And of course, they're absolutely beautiful!

We can produce different styles of patterns in morocco, or new American land Colonial style. We produce tiles in same Andalusia antique technique as before, same raw material and pigment, in terms of ecology, it's environmental friendly

Our Traditional Moroccan cement tiles are available in many different solid colors, patterns, and borders. The standard thickness for all encaustic cement tile is 15/20cm. All our encaustic cement tiles come in a soft matte finish.
1.manufacture process:
Materials utilized
1.2· Color layer
- White Portland cement
- Marble dust
- Silica sand
- Calcium carbonate
- Mineral pigments (iron, cobalt and chromium oxides)
1.3· Tile body
- Gray Portland Cement
- Sand
- Calcium carbonate
Cement tiles are completely hand made. The color layer is prepared in batches and every component is weighed in order to guarantee color consistency. The color is mixed in a horizontal mixer that guarantees the homogenization of the mixture.
The color is then mixed with water and hand poured into the different molds. The thickness of the color layer will always be between 3 and 5 millimeters.
Two layers of cement and sand are poured on top of the color layer and then the tile is pressed using a hydraulic press
The following day the tiles are soaked in water in order to achieve water saturation of the piece. This guarantees proper cement hydration. The tiles are
left to dry for 10 days and then hand inspected. Tiles are ready for shipment 28 days after they have been manufactured. At this stage the cement in the body and the color surface will have obtained 98% of its ultimate strength.
Please add a new mold charge for your own pattern Design, which costs 100-200 Euro
Price here is for 1 color and for 1 sqm, please ask us for more details! call me Hotline International :+49 24729976517

1 colour 22 Euro/m²
2 colours 23 Euro/m²
3 colours 24 Euro/m²
4 colours 25 Euro/m²
5 colours 26 Euro/m²
2. About packing:
Size: 20X20x1,6 cm ±3mm 25pc= 1square meter
Package of Box
Quantity: 12 pieces N.W about 15,6 -16,8 kg
Size of Box : 21x20x21cm
Package of Euro Pallet :
Boxes 60 Quantity 720 Pieces = 28,8 sqm N.W. 1000 -1080kg
20'(2,33 m x 5,918 m) FCL fit normally 316,8 sqm =11 Euro palettes
40' (2,33 m x 12,015 m) FCL fit normally 691,2sqm or 720 sqm = 24 or 25 Euro Pallets
All our Original Moroccan Cement tile are 100% Handmade piece per piece

Price here is per 1sqm and Please the shop is only to show our products it is not sale shop

MOQ is 86,4 sqm = 180 Boxes = 2160 pieces = about 3024 -3240 kg
The terms is Ex Works Marrakech- Morocco and the delivery date is about 30 days after receipt 50% deposit and balance T/T payment before shipment.

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